We are a international consultancy that helps ambitious change makers define the future. We work alongside our clients as one team with a shared ambition to achieve exceptional results and outperform the competition. We assist a wide range of large industrial companies, international banks or consulting firms as well as local SME’s. We complement our tailored expertise with an innovative governance based on new ways of working to deliver better and faster.

Liberate your company. Liberate your potential.

We believe in sharing, responsibility, entrepreneurship and positivism. See how we are changing consulting.

Our pro bono activities bring our expertise and passion to organizations addressing essential social issues.

We are accompanying ambitious leaders in their transformation to enable sustained results.

Promoting new ways of working and innovation is part of our vision. See how to get in touch with us to do so.

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Our ambitious change makers are shaping the future of management consulting. Discover them and see how we tackle the challenges of our time.

Real passion. Extraordinary teams. Discover our colleagues and start discussing your challenges with them.

Our governance encourages entrepreneurial mindset and initiatives. Discover our latest internal projects.

We are constantly looking for innovative and inspiring consultants. See our openings and join us.

Bold thinking.

Decisive impact.

Our Initiatives

Our SLIM model promotes entrepreneurship and innovation. Check out our latest ideas and projects.

Learning is an essential part of our philosophy. Discover our internal training programme in consulting.

Entrepreneurs are the future of our businesses. AION's teams accompany future leaders in their startup projects.

AION's impact is not limited to the corporate world. Discover how our teams are addressing social issues.

About us
Discover who we are, what we do and most importantly why we do it.

Discover our new way of working

We are particularly inspired by researchers working on Liberated ways of working. We believe in this type of governance based on decentralized management in which responsibilities and decision-making powers are distributed throughout self-organizing teams rather than being vested in a classic management hierarchy. That is why we have created our SLIM Model​.

Our firm

Corporate Social Responsibility

Beyond promoting new ways of working and accompanying our clients, we are putting the power of AION to work to make a difference. We are deeply committed to helping communities thrive by prioritizing our social impact through education, nature & biodiversity and sport.

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