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AION Consulting is an international consultancy organisation with strong reputation in sales performance, business transformation, operational strategy and management services. We assist a wide range of large industrial companies, international banks or consulting firms as well as local SME’s. 


At AION, we are consultants with entrepreneurial mindsets. We believe in new ways of working based on decentralized management in which responsibilities and decision-making powers are distributed throughout self-organizing teams rather than being vested in a classic management hierarchy. That is why we have created our SLIM Model.


As a Business Consultant at AION Consulting, you will accompany your clients in the assessment of business, economic and financial trends through our various consulting solutions.


What will you do ?


  • Build your own client portfolio based on our global strategy;

  • Analyze client needs, issues and challenges in sales performance, operations management, operational strategy and business transformation;

  • Follow-up your indicators and manage your client expectations;

  • Contribute to understanding trends, creating analyses, and generating insights about our key strategic metrics;

  • Scan the competitive and industry landscape for developments;

  • Synthesize developments into focused understanding, insights, and guidance for future strategic moves;

  • Deliver presentations to key stakeholders to illustrate competitive and industry dynamics and the interplay between these elements;

  • Hold client meetings, make new offers and negotiate your contracts;

  • Promote and implement new ways of working in your missions and collaborations;

  • Analyze and improve existing processes and ways of working;

  • Manage financial & administrative aspects of your profit centers;

  • Be part of the company board, make concrete decisions and be a game changer within AION Consulting.


What are we looking for ?


  • Master in Consulting, Human Resources, Strategy, Management or Finance;

  • At least 1 year of experience in a similar role in consulting;

  • A strong entrepreneurial mindset: Not afraid of autonomy, responsibility and decision-making;

  • Able to work effectively in an environment with complex and sometimes contradictory information;

  • Adept at planning and prioritizing work to meet commitments aligned with organizational goals;

  • Adept at building partnerships and working collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives and goals;

  • An effective communicator, capable of determining how best to reach different audiences and executing communications based on that understanding;

  • Resilient in recovering from setbacks and skilled at finding detours around obstacles;

  • Able to operate effectively, even when things are not clear or the way forward is not obvious;

  • Adept at learning quickly, applying insights from past efforts to new situations;

  • Languages: Fluent English and native French or Dutch.

Business Consultant

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