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Whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent graduate, working with AION Consulting.

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AION Consulting is an international consultancy organisation with strong reputation in sales performance, business transformation, operational strategy and management services. We assist a wide range of large industrial companies, international banks or consulting firms as well as local SME’s. We believe in new ways of working and we have created our own model: the SLIM.


Recruitment Process

At AION Consulting, we are proud of our innovative, dynamic, pragmatic and unconventional culture. We value personal development, responsibility, autonomy, emotional intelligence and entrepreneurial mindset. The people and the culture of AION Consulting make it a great place to work.

Step 1 - First Interview

Meet our team during one of the many events or job fairs we are participating in every year. Following a discussion with our team members, you will be invited for a first interview.

This interview will help us understanding your background and knowing more about your experiences and skills. This interview can be organized by phone or conference call.


Step 2 - Second Interview

We will contact you within few days to provide you a feedback and potentially set up a second interview.

This meeting is the occasion to understand your career expectations and share information about our firm. This interview takes place in our offices.


Step 3 - Business Case


Within one to two weeks, we get back to you with a feedback and potentially plan our last step, a business case.

This important moment of our process will help you understand what could your journey at AION Consulting be like by putting you in a real business situation.



AION Consulting is made up of extraordinarily talented individuals who share a passion for achieving the very best in everything they do. Check out some of our employees and feel free to contact them to know how they can help you.

Thibaut Griboval

Alumni SKEMA Business School

Jeroen Peeters.jpg

Jeroen Peeters

Alumni KU Leuven

Pierre Chancel

Alumni IESEG 

Louis Adriaensen

Alumni LSM

Anais Taleb

Alumni ESCP Europe

Andreea Schipor

Alumni Solvay Business School

Octave Bescheron

Alumni EDHEC Business School

Elias Aragones-Melhem




Working alongside clients on their most critical challenges often results in new business perspectives and insights. AION Consulting regularly produces researches, studies or articles on the issues that matter most in our businesses. Explore our latest thinking on management, future of work, agile way of working, finance, Human Resources or Technology.

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AION Consulting on BFM Business

Thibaut Griboval was recently in the TV show "Tête à Tête Décideurs" on BFM Business to discuss new ways of working and introduce AION.

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