Corporate Social Responsibility
Our mission is to drive social impact by accompanying organizations that aim to better lives and improve society.

AION Foundation

AION Consulting works in partnership with game changers and innovators on concrete solutions to some of the most pressing social challenges.


We assist organizations that tackle important issues in education, diversity and environment, but which often lack advice and support to help them reach full potential. Our commitment in pro bono consulting is essential in our vision of AION and our role in our ecosystem.

Educational computer program
Specially Equipped Van
Trees From Above


By providing time, pro-bono missions and donations to AION Foundation, we support creative education NGOs to create better opportunities for underserved children or students in the world.

Biodiversity and Environment

We work with European organizations to strengthen biodiversity conservation and protect our nature and landscapes. Moreover, we are proud to be Carbon Neutral, following an internal process conducted from September 2021 to March 2022.

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We support organizations that promote diversity and uplift the benefits of a better representation of all in our society. AION Consulting has started in 2021 a collaboration with Actiris to better address this topic and become an example for diversity and inclusion. 


AION Consulting has always supported organizations that promote sports and its values. We value sport as a key factor for children development, education, intelligence and health.