Our expertise crosses many industries and challenges, which gives us an exclusive angle that we bring to every client relationship. We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve exceptional and sustainable results.


Firms are grappling with a range of complex challenges: increased global competition, unprecedented crisis, geopolitical conflicts, economic unpredictability and political uncertainty. In this context, success requires overcoming these challenges head-on, through a comprehensive and structured change effort that includes the right mix of processes, governance, metrics and behaviors.

Our industries

While financial institutions are under ever-increasing scrutiny, AION helps them facing unprecedented challenges.

Healthcare, pharmaceutical and chemical firms innovate and digitalize their activities. See how we help them.

Electric vehicles, sharing services and drones: our mobility is evolving fast. See how AION helps firms to adapt.

Consulting firms face numerous challenges and need external support. AION assists them in finding solutions.

Digital disruption and new behaviors toughen ways of making profitable growth for firms. See how we can help.

Embedded systems are everywhere nowadays and always bring new challenges that AION helps to address.

Energy transition, new technologies, market decentralization: See how AION tackles the challenges of its clients.

New regulations, laws and expectations bring many challenges to public institutions. AION tackles these issues.

Digital and intelligent technologies impact our today's lives. AION assists firms to better innovate in this context.

Seizing industries opportunities to unlock smart solutions for uncertain times.

Our expertise at your service

AION delivers pragmatic solutions through leading-edge management consulting along with innovation, technology and digital. We work in a collaborative model with our clients, generating performance and results that allow them to prosper.

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