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Electrical and autonomous vehicles, railway technologies and airport hubs are transforming our mobility. Sharing services and environmental constraints force our cities to explore new solutions. AION Consulting accompanies its clients in such challenges to shape the future of mobility.


The automotive industry is facing a dynamic and disruptive decade. New digital and mobility solutions are reshaping our use of vehicles. Many startups and new players have the ambition to enter the business and classic ways of working are evolving. Winners will be companies that streamline operations, build new capabilities and form smart partnerships to seize market opportunities.

Other industries such as aerospace and aeronautics have experienced constant transformations during the last decades and continue their evolution toward a cleaner, faster and better service. More than ever, mobility is facing a multitude of challenges.

Designing the future of mobility in our cities

The ongoing challenges in mobility will have a massive impact on profit pools over the next decade and beyond. Mobility will likely be revolutionized by shared electric self-driving robo-cabs. As major trends such as autonomous driving and new services allow for platform economics, the early movers may have an opportunity to build highly profitable business models. In contrast, companies who take a wait-and-see approach may either miss the chance to participate in certain profit pools or be forced to make huge investments to catch up.

Client results

Our AION experts bring their experience and knowledge to our consulting clients. Their successful track-records help change makers and ambitious CEOs of the sector to analyze their strengths, better their organization and boost their performance. See how we've make impact at our clients.

Design and implementation of a new procurement strategy in the aerospace industry

AION accompanied a major aerospace company in improving its procurement strategy and implementing new processes.

Improvement of sales processes in the automotive industry

Our experts accompanied renowned OEMs in reengineering their sales processes and implementing new business standards.


AION Consulting is made up of extraordinarily talented individuals who share a passion for achieving the very best in everything they do. Check out some of our employees and feel free to contact them to know how they can help you.

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