Operational Strategy

Operational strategy is described in business dictionaries as "a plan of action implemented by a firm that describes how they will employ their resources in the production of a product or service. An operational strategy is a necessary element for a business and supports the firm's corporate strategy". In other words, operational strategy involves thinking about a company's business strategy and designing strategies to implement successful changes. 

Operational strategy is a core business of AION Consulting activities. Our experts accompany their clients in analyzing their situation, detecting issues sources and proposing concrete and scalable solutions. By working with our clients on a daily basis, we help them to reflect upon their way of working and managing their business. The use of simple and adapted tools, methodologies and techniques helps our clients in understanding their strengths and weaknesses, analyzing their existing processes and improving it.

Our consultants' support involves, among others:

  • Benchmarking, market sizing, VST, market segmentation

  • Value proposition, value chain analysis, positioning

  • Business analysis, Activity Based Costing, Business performance diagnostic

  • Corporate finance, revenue model analysis

In challenging our clients' teams, performing analysis and developing clear and achievable action plans, we help small, medium and large firms to design pragmatic strategies, define concrete performance indicators and reach ambitious targets.

If you want to know more about our Operational Strategy services, please contact our Head of Operational Strategy:

Thibaut Griboval

Founder and Head of Operational Strategy 


+32 2 669 82 41

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