Operations Management

Operations management is defined by the business dictionary as “the design, execution, and control of operations that convert resources into desired goods and services, and implement a company's business strategy.” The operations management consists then in the design and monitoring of processes and business operations in the production of goods and services.


Operations management is a core business of AION Consulting activities. Our experts accompany their clients in analyzing their processes, detecting issues and their sources and proposing concrete and scalable solutions. By working with our clients on a daily basis, we help them to reflect upon their way of working and managing their business. 

Our consultants' support involves, among others:

  • Business Process Management, business intelligence, business model innovation

  • Workforce Management, performance review and management

  • Supply Chain Management, procurement and purchasing strategy

Through these services, we support our clients in the understanding of their operational issues and the achievement of better results, by an optimized input of materials, equipment, technology, and human resources.

If you want to know more about our Operations Management services, please contact our Head of Operations Management:

Thibaut Griboval

Founder and Head of Operations Management


+32 2 669 82 41

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