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Thibaut Griboval, Founder of AION Consulting, was recently on BFM Business to introduce the innovative governance at AION Consulting and talk about consulting markets. Consulting is a constantly growing activity. AION Consulting is a Consulting firm accompanying its clients in the optimization of their strategic and operational management. In this interview for the TV Show "Le Tête à Tête Décideurs", Thibaut Griboval, describes the evolution of this activity, the special governance at AION Consulting as well as their future projects.

In Europe, the consulting sector is currently valued at 100 billion euros. Its annual growth of 4% makes it possible to recruit despite a change in the types of market. In fact, between 2000 and 2010, the sector was relatively fragmented and finally turned towards a phenomenon of consolidation. Nowadays, it is clear that large players are grouping together or prefer external development. One of the consequences of this evolution is the increase of employee turnovers in consulting.

At AION Consulting, governance is quite unique. Indeed, management is based on the concept of a liberated company, popularized in France by Isaac Getz, but also by the holacracy way of working. Everything has been adapted to create a company-specific model focused on decentralizing management through specific tools. Thus, the management committee is open to all members: everyone is free to share their ideas and enjoys the same decision-making power. Similarly, employee compensation increases proportionally with revenue and profit made by the firm. This incentive system allows employees, whose profiles are more geared towards entrepreneurship, to get involved as much as possible in the management of the company, in addition to managing their client missions.

AION Consulting operates mainly on behalf of SMEs and mid-caps which have few solutions on the market to face issues in business development, strategy and operational management.

Finally, AION Consulting, already present in Brussels, intends to continue its development in Paris. In France, regional development is also in prospect. Indeed, future agencies will be created in Lille, Toulouse and Lyon.

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