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The Covid-19 continues to spread and forced many businesses to stop or slow-down their activity. In this context, AION Consulting wants to help entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs affected by the crisis to recover, restart, realign and reimagine their business. This is about solidarity and support. Let's be stronger together.

Since March 2020, many entrepreneurs, startups and small or medium-sized companies took hard decisions and many others are still in a decision-making process.

The aim of AION Consulting is to bring expertise and knowledge to professionals of all types. We particularly focus on strategy, sales development, business transformation and operations management. This expertise is becoming essential in these hard times.

That is why we are proud to launch our #REBUILD program, a pro-bono consulting service entirely financed by AION Consulting for businesses affected by the crisis.


During November 2020, AION Consulting will offer a specific solution helping you to recover, restart, realign and reimagine.

Our consultants will mobilize their best tools and audit techniques to support and guide you in your path to growth and profitability, whether you are in sectors such as hospitality (HoReCa), healthcare, tourism, industry, ICT, retail or construction.

Among the services provided, our AION experts will help you in:

Step 1 - Recover

  • Elaborating your Business Continuity Plan

  • Realizing a strategy audit

  • Reviewing your resources

  • Analyzing your costs

Step 2 - Restart

  • Adapting your pricing strategy

  • Analyzing your performance

  • Mapping your value chain

  • Evaluating your portfolio

Step 3 - Realign

  • Implementing an early warning scan

  • Realizing your Business Model Canvas

  • Positioning your business in its market

  • Defining your Buyer Personas

Step 4 - Reimagine

  • Setting new targets

  • Getting ready for future crisis

  • Shaping the future of your markets and business

To do so, our specialists will meet you to gather information and better understand your context. We will come up with a clear strategy and renowned tools to quickly support you and bring solutions.

To benefit from this initiative, click on "Request a call" and our team will contact you as soon as possible to set up a first meeting. Then, the analysis will start immediately and our team will provide the results within 7 business days.


This is about solidarity and support. Let's be stronger together.

AION Consulting

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