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The impact of digitalization, far-reaching changes in public processes and tenders, changing populations or globalization are just some of the many challenges faced by our institutions nowadays. In this uncertain context, AION Consulting helps institutions and governments to face these issues.


Many public sector organizations are facing societal, organizational and operational demands for better efficiencies and sustainable solutions. New types of contracts between public institutions and citizens will appear and shift the ways governments and public services will work.

In this context, relationships between public bodies, citizens and private firms will need to evolve. Higher levels of engagement and participation will be required and institutions will need to adapt their tools and processes. AION Consulting accompany these organizations in these challenges and bring their knowledge of public procedures to design and implement concrete solutions.

Designing a better tomorrow with public institutions

New regulations, multitude of new risks, higher expectations from populations: our public institutions constantly experience new types of issues. AION offers pragmatic services and solutions to public bodies to help them reach lasting and robust results. From GDPR to digitalization and lean implementation, AION consultants bring their knowledge and support to ensure performance.

Client results

Our AION experts bring their experience and knowledge to our consulting clients. Their successful track-records help change makers and ambitious CEOs of the sector to analyze their strengths, better their organization and boost their performance. See how we've make impact at our clients.

Combining KYC, AML and data-privacy regulations

Each year, the total amount derived from drugs & terrorism is estimated at more than $1.5 trillion. See how we accompany institutions to prevent financial crimes. 

Designing and implementing new HR processes in defense

Our team accompanied a ministry in reengineering its recruitment processes, finding alternative solutions and reaching ambitious HR targets. 


AION Consulting is made up of extraordinarily talented individuals who share a passion for achieving the very best in everything they do. Check out some of our employees and feel free to contact them to know how they can help you.

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