At AION, we are consultants with entrepreneurial mindsets. We believe in new ways of working based on decentralized management in which responsibilities and decision-making powers are distributed throughout self-organizing teams rather than being vested in a classic management hierarchy. That is why we have created our SLIM Model​


Because transparency and ownership aren't only words at AION, we equally share responsibilities, decision-making powers and profits. We use simple tools to make our vision concrete:

  • Decentralized management

  • Employee shareholders

  • Company Board open to all employees

Our SLIM Model


At AION, we energize and drive our employee development through our training programmes. We give responsibility to each employee to pursue his learning process:

  • AION'UP Training Programme

  • Unlimited external trainings

  • Full autonomy on training choices & organization


At AION, we are all entrepreneurs and an entrepreneur always needs a good network. Thus, each AION consultant benefit from a budget to join the Business Club of her/his choice and set up a strong network:

  • Offered access to Business Clubs or Networks

  • Unlimited access to professional events

  • Recurring internal events and meetups


Each AION consultant is a key member of the organization and is encouraged to propose, promote and launch new ideas or initiatives that can benefit to the company or to any other organization:

  • Investment budget open to all employees

  • Full autonomy on new business initiatives

  • Recurring Improvement or Project Workshops


AION'UP is an exclusive training programme, which allows all junior business consultants to better understand the consulting market, business processes and cycles, best practices and techniques.


The first phase of this programme is provided by AION experienced professionals and focus on hard skills in strategy, business, management and HR. The second phase is soft skills oriented and provided by experts in NLP, leadership and communication.


59% of European young graduates do not find themselves sufficiently prepared to enter the working world. That is why AION Consulting wants to support them in their learning phase and development.


AION Incubator is a 12 to 24 months program that aims to encourage and support entrepreneurs to discuss their ideas, prepare their path and build sustainable solutions. 


AION Consulting experts and suppliers are mobilized to advice the participants from their first business plan to the international expansion of their firm.


During the first phase, the participants will learn to sharpen their ideas, write strong and relevant business plans and prepare their administration accordingly. During the second phase, they will widen their ambition and start thinking about growth, optimization, expansion and investments.

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