AION Consulting helps you go further than you thought and reach the targets you never knew you could have.

Performance and pragmatism for lasting results.

Our consultants support leaders and decision-makers in their strategy, governance, and transformation challenges.


They provide concrete and decisive recommendations and support clients in the implementation, project management phases to ensure results and client satisfaction.



We work together with our clients to understand and identify the best solutions and delivery models to address their challenges. Our experts value transparency, honesty and pragmatism in helping you decide which organization will better fit with your company culture and ways of working.


Internal audits or research stud based on powerful frameworks to help you seize opportunities.

Possible Outcomes

Employee satisfaction

Higher commitment

Alignment vision-strategy

Better client satisfaction


Daily and integrated assistance to turn insights into innovative and concrete solutions.

Possible Outcomes

10% to 20% revenue increase

5% to 40% margin increase

Stronger positioning

Successful transformations


In today's corporate world, our consultants don't use a single methodology or way of doing. Given the variety of clients we work with, our experts are trained and experienced with a large portfolio of methodologies, philosophies, way of working and tools.


Case studies

The best option to understand how we create value with our clients is to check our case studies and see how we have helped ambitious change makers define the future. 

Drone sur les montagnes

Design and implementation of a new procurement strategy in the aerospace industry

AION accompanied a major aerospace company in improving its procurement strategy and implementing new processes.

Laboratoire scientifique

Boosting sales performances

of a leading consulting firm

Our team accompanied a leading consulting firm in reengineering its processes, bettering its organization and boosting sales performance.


Working alongside clients on their most critical challenges often results in new business perspectives and insights. AION Consulting regularly produces researches, studies or articles on the issues that matter most in our businesses. Explore our latest thinking on management, future of work, agile way of working, finance, Human Resources or Technology.

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AION Consulting on BFM Business

Thibaut Griboval was recently in the TV show "Tête à Tête Décideurs" on BFM Business to discuss new ways of working and introduce AION.

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